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Min. size:Max. size:Speed:Cruise speed:Cruise skip blocks:Hover limit:Sink percent:Collision explosion:Min. height limit:Max. height limit:

Fuel burn rate:Nudge:Can Fly:Can cruise:Can teleport:Can static move:Can hover:Can hover over water:Using gravity:Can move with entities:

Lift/Fly blocks:ender chests / anvils / enchantment tables: 0.0 - 1.125 %, barrel: 0.0 - n2 %, iron block: 5.0 - 100.0 %
Movement/Engine blocks:redstone block: 4.5 - 90.0 %
Allowed blocks:barrel, iron block, redstone block
Forbidden blocks:barrier
Harvesting blocks:
Passthrough/Phase Blocks:acacia leaves, allium, azure bluet, birch leaves, blue ice, blue orchid, bubble column, bubble column, bubble column, bubble column, cave air, cobweb, cornflower, dandelion, dark oak leaves, fern, fern, flower pot, grass, grass, grass, jungle leaves, kelp, kelp, kelp, kelp plant, kelp plant, kelp plant, large fern, lava, lava, lava, lava, lilac, lily of the valley, lily pad, lily pad, oak leaves, orange tulip, oxeye daisy, peony, pink tulip, poppy, red tulip, rose bush, sea pickle, seagrass, seagrass, seagrass, snow, snow, snow, snow block, snow block, snow block, spruce leaves, sunflower, tall grass, tall grass, tall seagrass, tall seagrass, tall seagrass, tall seagrass, water, water, water, water, water, white tulip, wither rose