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For use on Teleport signs.
Type them EXACTLY as listed, minus the ">".


> Sol
(Sol/Solar means 'The Sun' or 'Sun'; 'Sol' is the Nether Dimension, NOT accesable through Nether/"Sol" portals, and will require a ship capable of warping to access )

> Mercury

> MercuryOrbit
(Mercury's Orbit)

> Earth

> EarthOrbit
(Earth's Orbit)

> Luna

> LunarOrbit
(Luna/Lunar means 'The Moon' or 'Moon')

> Mars
(The rusted iron world whose red sand can be dug through for possible iron nuggets.) 

> MartianOrbit
(Mars Orbit)

> Jupiter
(Jupiter's Atmosphere/Planet "Surface", high windspeeds allow for Encased Turbines/Wind Generators to work regardless of height level)

> JovianOrbit
(Jupiter's Orbit)

> Europa

> EuropanOrbit
(Europa's Orbit)

> Saturn
(Saturn's Atmosphere/Planet "Surface", high windspeeds allow for Encased Turbines/Wind Generators to work regardless of height)

> SaturnOrbit
(Saturn's Orbit)

> Titan

> TitanianOrbit
(Titan's Orbit)

> Pluto
(A Icy-desert world without any (easily) accessable liquid water and minimal geological activity) 

> PlutonainOrbit
(Pluto's Orbit)

> Ilus 
(A strange, semi-toxic alien world covered in fungal sprouts and foreign fauna.) 

> IlusOrbit
(Ilus's Orbit)

> Arkenia
(A planet of Large mountains and flood plains below.) 

> ArkeniaOrbit
(Arkenian Orbit)

> Eriban
(One of the most desolate and dusty worlds in the galaxy.)

> EribanOrbit
(Eriban's Orbit)

> MonNilha 
(A habitable flooded/mountain planet with out ice caps. Who ever lived here, tinkered a bit too much with terraforming.) 

> MonNilha-Orbit
(MonNilha's Orbit)

> DeepSpace
(One of the most isolated places in the cosmos.)

> Pyrixa
(A planet of flame, partially consumed by its own core.)

> PyrixanOrbit
(Pyrixa's Orbit)

> Talcann
(A noxious world of lava, basalt, and various other chemicals; barely habitable.)

> TalcannOrbit
(Talcann's Orbit)

> NovaTerra
(A lush planet, with an untouched ecosystem and natural resources.)

> NovaTerraOrbit
(NovaTerra's Orbit)

> NovaLuna
(An abandoned Moon, once home to a strip mining operation, and research outpost.)

> NovaLunaOrbit
(NovaLuna's Orbit)

> Necrahn
(A Diseased, sickly, and infested Planet)

> NecrahnCrypts
(Necrahns' desolate planetary core. The world's tectonic plates seem to have fused togeather)

> NecranOrbit
(Necrahn's Orbit)

> Hydran
(A supermassive Aquatic planet, 90% Water with number of large islands scattered about.)

> HydranDepths
(About 70% of Hydran's water is down in the aquatic planet's Abyss.)

> HydranOrbit
(Hydran's Orbit)

> OmegaPrime
(A lost and forgotten colony world with a variety of biomes.)

> OmegaPOrbit
(OmegaPrime's Orbit)

> AlphaPrime
(A more peaceful world of rolling plains, Neighboring OmegaPrime. Great for bases.)

> AlphaPOrbit
(AlphaPrime's Orbit)

> FracturedPlanet
(An abnormal fields of debris, from various planets torn apart by an unknown force. Looks to be a scrapyard of some fallen civilizations' materials) 

> RiftSpace
(RiftSpace is a hypothetical dimension that shouldnt exist, but somehow does anyways; 'RiftSpace' is the End Dimension, NOT accesable through (Rift/End) Gateways/Portals, and will require a ship capable of warping to access.)