Our History

A Timeline:

  • Early-Mid 2015-2016 -- C_Corp2002 Started toying with the idea of a Minecraft Server, but didn't know what it should look like. (Something Sci-Fi/Space)
  • Late 2016 -- C_Corp2002, ButtonmashTP (Now: Oshwatt), Millycow, Crazymario5, and MusicalDuck (All IRL friends of C_Corp2002) started playing a Mojang-Hosted Realms SMP Server for fun and hanging out.
  • Late 2016-Early 2017 -- The first Realm expired. C_Corp2002 wanted something similar to the experiance we had back with the realm, so C_Corp2002 took it upon themself, and started learning programming/"Code" and how to use many other programs and software. C_Corp2002 started a few small test servers to get a feel for running a Spigot/Bukkit-based Minecraft Server.
  • Mid 2017-Late 2017 -- Colossal Factions was born out a merger between the original concept of "A cool place to hangout after school", and a "A place where epic battles and nations can rise and fall". It eventually picked up a few non-IRL players along the way. Most notably Gateway_Guardian (Now: Hoshi) who has became a greatly trusted and valued friend to C_Corp2002.
  • Early 2018-Late 2018 -- Colossal Factions expanded upon the previous concept and grew more into what we can recognize nowadays; A multi-server network with many Planets in addition to Buildable, block-based, Movecraft Vehicles. Colossal Combat was born.
  • 2019-Present Colossal Combat/The Celestial Expanse has grown a lot since 2018, *far too much to write down, But a brief summary of what has been added is as follows:
    • Custom-Terrain Planets & Orbits
    • Custom Blocks, Mobs, Weapons and Items (Resource Pack required to see most of them)
    • Movecraft-based Starships and other vehicles
    • *Trade Centers (WIP)
    • *A(n) ever growing Wiki (At long last!)
    • *More reliable code (Phewh!)
    • You?

* Primarily because C_Corp2002 is still actively working on Colossal Combat/The Celestial Expanse.

Posted on November 22, 2021 by C_Corp2002