An Introduction to The Celestial Expanse

An Introduction / Basic Concepts:

The Celestial Expanse is a Space/SciFi server with Towns, Nations, Custom Planets / Orbits, Galaxies, working, player built Movecraft Vehicles (Such as Starfighters, Planes, Tanks, Ships...), and a diverse list of unique Mechanics, Weapons, Blocks, and much more.

Unlike rival Space-Servers the Vehicle-Related Controls, Commands & Building Requirements here are different.

  •  There is no Crouching-Speedboost, but rather a controllable/cyclable Gear Shift system, which allows vehicles to change how far they move, in one movement.
    • An example of this could be: A Starfighter at Gear Shift 1, moves 1 block per movement; whereas at Gear Shift 4, the Starfighter moves 4 blocks per movement.
  • Engine Blocks are Standard across all Vehicles, and are Redstone Blocks OR Sea Lanterns. They do the same thing, and can be used interchangably.
    • If you want to Move a Vehicle, It better have Engine Blocks.
    • Engine Blocks do not need to be exposed for a Vehicle to move/work.
    • If you lose too many Engine Blocks, OR, didn't add enough to your design, you will get a message along the lines of: "Craft Is Disabled".
  • For Lighter/Smaller Crafts (Planes, Starfighers, CargoShuttles, Airships, etc), Wool OR Carpet function as a Reactor/Lift Block. For StarLegacy Players, these can be thought of as Concrete Blocks, and are needed in fairly sizable quantities.
  • For Heavier/Larger Crafts (Freighters, Starships, Dreadnaughts, Stations, etc.), Beacons function as a Reactor/Lift Block. For StarLegacy Players, these can be also thought of as Concrete Blocks, and is needed in smaller quantities.
    • Beacons are MUCH less expensive to craft than in regular Minecraft, and there is no need to kill Withers here.
  • Almost all Vehicles are [Un]Piloted & Controlled via a few Major Functions.
    • The CraftName sign allows you to start controlling/pilot a Vehicle.
      • Note: that while Piloting a Vehicle, you cannot place any blocks nearby it.
    • The Compass (Just a regular compass), allows the pilot to move a Vehicle by Right Clicking (holding a compass) while looking in the direction they wish to move.
      • Note: To enter or exit Direct Control, punch with a Compass in your hand. Direct Control makes the Pilot's movements (Walking) move their Vehicle. To move upwards in Direct Control, Right Click with the Compass and to Move downwards Shift Right Click.
      • Note: To change a piloted Vehicles' Gear Shifts, Shift Right Click with a Compass you also must not be in Direct Control
    • The [helm] Sign allows a Pilot to Rotate their Vehicle on by Left or Right Clicking it, to turn Left or Right respectively.
    • The Release Sign allows a player to release control of a Craft, and gain the ability to build on/around the Vehicle.
  • We utilize Towny as our Claims/Factions plugin, as it is much easier to make custom functionality for, and just has many more features than Generic Factions Plugin XYZ.
  • Towny Commands include:
    • /t OR /town (Base Town Command)
    • /n OR /nation (Base Nation Command)
    • /towny (Base Towny Command)
    • /g (Global Chat) 
    • /tc (Town Chat)
    • /nc (Nation Chat)
      • More Information can be found on the Wars, Towny & Trade Sectors page.
  • If you need the recipes for crafting custom items and more, use /recipes
  • If you need detailed information on a particular Vehicle-Type, use /craftwiki help AND /craftwiki vehicleType optionName

More detailed information on the Custom Machines, Space Flight Mechanics, Weapons and More; can be found on this Wiki and their associated Pages!

Buckle up player! This Server is Expansive!


Posted on November 22, 2021 by C_Corp2002