Editors Note

C_Corp2002 - Editors Note: First off, the Celestial Expanse Network (Formerly known as: Colossal Combat Network) Mechanics are nearly entirely custom and have no relation to StarLegacy/StarQuest Code.

Along with that most of the custom features are written exclusively by me, and will likely have flaws here and there.

Due to the sheer scale of everything added so far, there is no possible way, without help, to keep track of every single bug known to The Celestial Expanse. WHICH is why I ask everyone who finds a bug, to report it in the Discord, under the channel #bug-reports.

I am not obligated to fix anything, as this is a passion project, but I will do so anyways when I have the time. I am sorry for any dissapointments that may occur...

I hope you, the reader, can understand all this, and realize that this whole network is a huge developmental undertaking by a single college student (with too much spare time at the moment). We only got this far by me starting young and early.


Also! NO DONATIONS - I don't need help funding this place (unlike StarLegacy). I own the physical hardware, and it is right next to me, as I type.

Posted on November 22, 2021 by C_Corp2002